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Build the future for your business with OPR-Företagslån Flex

OPR-Företagslån Flex is a company credit for both small and large companies. With the company credit, you ensure that you are always prepared for urgent needs or times of extra liquidity.

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The construction industry’s lender

The construction industry is one of the most active and dynamic sectors of the economy. In fact, the construction industry accounts for 11 percent of Sweden’s GDP. However, it has faced challenges due to global inflation. Inflation has led to increased material costs, which affects the project’s profitability and competitiveness. The increased costs have led to a reduction in demand, which can be seen in the number of residential constructions, which have reduced quite a bit compared to previous years.

Construction companies that need financing to deal with increased costs may encounter problems when they turn to traditional banks. Banks often have strict credit requirements and a slow application process, which can be problematic for businesses that need quick funding.

The reduced profitability increases the need for financing for many construction entrepreneurs in the construction industry. OPR-Företagslån helps companies in need of financing with a current business credit of up to SEK 200,000. The credit costs nothing in account or start-up fees. The credit has many uses, it can be used as an investment in materials or as a construction loan. OPR-Företagslån offers a quick and easy online application, which means that construction companies can get access to financing in a short time.

Company credit for construction companies

OPR-Företagslån offers a business credit for both small and large construction companies, but also to other industries. OPR-Företagslån Flex offers a continuous credit of up to SEK 200,000 that you can use if necessary. You can withdraw the entire amount at once or smaller amounts depending on what suits you. You only pay for the used credit and repayment is done monthly. You can make withdrawals as often as you need within the framework of your credit limit. A withdrawal is fastest through the online portal.

The company credit costs nothing while it is not being used, and you therefore only pay when the credit is used. This is mainly good for construction companies with an uneven cashflow. Read more about the prices for the company credit.

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Company credit in four steps

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  1. 1. Apply for credit Apply for credit on our website and receive a decision within 24 hours
  2. 2. Accept the offer
    Accept the offer and get a company credit up to SEK 200,000
  3. 3. Make a withdrawal
    Withdraw money easily through the online portal
  4. 4. Repay flexibly
    Pay everything at once or in instalments, all to be as flexible as possible for you.

Who can apply for company credit?

You don’t need to own a construction company to apply for our company credit. A Swedish company that is registered in the Swedish Companies Registration Office can apply for OPR-Företagslån Flex. The credit decision is always based on an overall assessment of the company’s financial situation and future ability to pay. We use Creditsafe and Kreditz as support for credit decisions.

You who have a construction company, or any other company, can make an application if you have signature rights in the company either alone or together with others. In order to receive a granted loan, a property guarantee is required. The applicant is also a guarantor for the business loan, so the applicant must also be creditworthy. Allt detta sköts digitalt för att underlätta för dig som kund.

FAQs about our business credit

Who can apply for business credit?

OPR-Företagslån Flex can be applied for by a person who has company coverage rights either alone or together with another person in the company applying for the credit. The credit is applied for and granted to the company.

What kinds of companies do you grant?

All Swedish limited companies, sole proprietorships, trading companies and limited partnerships can apply for a loan with us.

How quickly is the OPR-Företagslån Flex granted?

We process applications weekdays at 08:00-16:00. We notify the credit decision already on the same day for applications received before 14:00 and we send the credit decision and the loan agreement for signature to your email address. Once you have approved the loan agreement, you can use the credit and can make withdrawals within the framework of your credit limit. If an application for withdrawal is made before 12:00, the money is paid out on the same banking day.

How do you apply for business credit?

The first person who has signature rights applies for the flex credit and fills in the information required for the credit application. If we need the other signatory’s approval, we will send an email with a link through which the other signatory can approve and sign the credit application. Please note that this only applies to joint-stock and trading companies, as individual companies and limited partnerships only require a signature from one person.

What is required to apply for the business credit

In order to get business credit, it is required that the company’s responsible person is a surety. The applicant is also a guarantor for the credit, so the applicant must be creditworthy. No other collateral is required for the application.

As a Flex customer, can I apply for a credit increase?

Yes, as a customer with us, you can always apply to have your credit limit increased. The easiest way to do this is to go to my pages and request a credit increase. Our credit officers will get back to you with a decision.

Withdrawal and use of the business credit

How is the credit OPR-Företagslån Flex paid off?

The invoice is sent once a month approximately two weeks before the due date, which is always the 28th of each month. On the invoice, we have collected the previous month’s transactions for the business credit and any remaining amount from the previous invoice. You can pay the entire invoice amount at once or in parts. A monthly interest of 5 percent is calculated on the remaining capital. If you want to make a final payment, you must ask for the current final amount to be repaid from OPR-Företagslån Flex customer service on phone 08-501 006 60 or by e-mail at You can always pay back the entire used credit at once or pay in a lump sum that is greater than the minimum amount.

What is the minimum amount I can pay on the invoice?

If you pay the invoice in parts, the monthly minimum amortization is 4 percent of the drawn credit capital, but at least SEK 2,000.

What fees are charged for the business cedit?

The credit agreement itself is free of charge. The business credit has no fixed annual or monthly account fees, but you only pay for your withdrawals.

Can I repay the credit before the due date?

If you wish, you can repay the credit before the due date. You can check the current amount to be paid back via my pages.