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As a small business owner, it is sometimes difficult to control the costs. New investments and unforeseen expenses may require that money is quickly available, but for those of you who have recently started your business or have an uneven cash flow, it can unfortunately be difficult to borrow money before it is too late.

During the mid-2010s, many services began to be digitized, but many of Sweden’s financing solutions remained in the traditional approach. We weren’t founded just to be another finance company on the market, but we saw an opportunity to be one of the first to digitize the B2B solutions to simplify financing for the small businesses.

With a bold commitment to building bridges rather than barriers, we began our journey. We knew that in a world of impersonal advice and management, people longed for a finance company that saw them as individuals with unique dreams and goals. We listened to our customers and learned that behind every decision, behind every figure and analysis, there was a story, an ambition, a life goal.

Our business idea of offering fast loans with good and clear conditions without unnecessary hassle, even to those who cannot enter with their own security, we have chosen to give the chance to entrepreneurs who usually have difficulty getting financing. We believe in small businesses and know that you who work and live with your dream have the necessary drive to succeed with your project.

Together with our customers, we look forward to continuing this journey, where every financial decision strengthens the web of opportunity that is OPR-Finance. Our story is not just our own – it belongs to each of our clients and the purposes we help them fulfill.

That’s why we at OPR-Finance exist, and that’s how we make a difference.

  1. 2015
    OPR-Finance is founded with a focus on credit solutions for consumers.
  2. 2016
    OPR-Finance launches the B2B financing solution OPR-Företagslån.
  3. 2019
    OPR-Företagslån increases the loan amount from SEK 500,000 to SEK 1,000,000 and extends the repayment period to 24 months.
  4. 2020
    OPR-Företagslån launches the business credit OPR-Företagslån Flex, a business credit of up to SEK 200,000.
  5. 2022
    OPR-Företagslån passes over 4,000 business customers around Sweden
  6. 2023
    OPR-Företagslån continues to deliver loan offers to B2B customers in Sweden.

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Om OPR-Finance

About OPR-Finance AB

OPR-Företagslån is a service under OPR-Finance AB, which is a Swedish company licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority to conduct financing activities. The owner is OPR-Finance Oy with headquarters in Helsinki, which since its inception in 2005 has helped over 300,000 companies and individuals with financing in several European countries. In addition to consumer credit solutions and corporate financing, OPR-Finance Oy provides payment solutions for online stores as well as an innovative investment service for private investors.

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