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Start your own business – We help you along the way.

More and more people choose to start their own company and after the required share capital was halved in Sweden, it has become even more popular. Swedish small business owners are the backbone of the country and are crucial for creating growth and employment. Despite this, they often face funding challenges. We are here to offer a tailored solution for small business owners.

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Running your own company – not as easy as you think

Starting your own business is not an easy step. It requires planning, structure and thought. If you are going to start your own business, you certainly know something about what you are getting into, you have in all probability already planned and structured. But starting your own business is also based on feeling and commitment to the business, this part is at least as important. To show our appreciation and gratitude to all new entrepreneurs, here are some tips on what might be good to think about when starting your own business.

Starting your own business – tips to think about

Establish a sustainable business plan

The first thing you should do if you are going to start your own business is to establish a sustainable business plan. Your business plan and business concept must be understandable, not only for yourself but also for those you want to involve in your business. A tip on how to succeed with this process is to answer the following questions – What, how and why? This is to give yourself structure and also investigate whether the business idea is right for you. Starting your own business means a greater impact on your private life – as work becomes part of your everyday life. This means that there will be greater demands on how you engage family and friends in your new business. Then it can be good to sell the concept early and show and communicate commitment to your cause. In this way, you establish an understanding of your business and the time you will need to invest as well as a commitment to your cause. These are some basics of what might be worth thinking about when starting your own business.

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How to apply for a business loan

  1. 1. Apply online
    You apply for a business loan without collateral or business credit on our website.
  2. 2. Fast response
    Apply for a business loan and receive prompt notification so that your business can continue to grow without unnecessary delays.
  3. 3. Sign digitally
    You can easily and reliably sign the loan agreement with through our digital signature service.
  4. 4. Payment on the same day
    The money is paid out to your company account on the same day as the confirmed agreement.
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Start your own business – tips to think about


Even if you are determined to start your own business and you feel that you have both a business plan and a business idea established, timing can still be the most important factor. Many extraordinary business ideas have failed precisely because of a lack of timing. Starting your own business is largely based on analyzing the current situation. What does the market look like at the moment? What time of year should you start your own business? How seasonal is your business? All this must be calculated, twisted and turned around in order to make the launch of the company as beneficial as possible. A tip might be to ask someone in the same industry who has been active for a long time to know what affects the industry. It is never bad to borrow knowledge from more experienced entrepreneurs before starting your own business.

Start your own business – tips to think about

Financial planning

Anyone who wants to start their own business must also be aware of the slightly more boring responsibilities behind the scenes of the business. This includes budgets, profitability calculations, accounting, etc. Starting your own business is not only exciting. However, most entrepreneurs bring in help for this type of work, but in the start-up phase such an option may not be possible. Many may perceive this part of business operations as a deterrent from starting their own business. Then it is important to plan before starting your own business so that the frightening effect decreased.

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